Where Do You Want To Go Today

Tagline of a MicrosoftCorporation advertising campaign in the mid-1990s. The implication was that no matter what your answer, Microsoft software would help you get there.

Humorous answers

"To a gun store!"

At the time this advertising campaign was popular, our canonical answer was, "To Redmond, with a flamethrower."

To Linux

Where do you want to go today? ... It doesn't matter, you're coming with us!
Note the clever embedding of "GoTo" in this message, and the demonic inferences that follow.

A software package that spoofed WindowsNinetyEight (the name of the package I can't remember) had the following variation: "Where do you want to go, toady?"--ScottJohnson

This was the term used by the now defunct microsnot.com, though it may have also been used by others.

"Your potential. Our passion." was the new tagline in use by MicroSoft as of early 2005 - an attempt at integrating (physically?) the user with the software.

Presumably "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile." didn't go over well in focus groups.

Man, those ads are gagworthy. Maybe they play ok in the US, but not down here. Just that opening line: "We see you. We see your potential." raises my hackles - what, they have me under surveilance now?

They're also saying you haven't reached your full potential yet, which is another way of calling you an underachiever. :P
I remember one magazine add (WordPerfect, perhaps?) that said something along the lines of "Where do I want to go today? Home. Before midnight. And I'd like my word processor to pitch in, too."

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