Where The Light Is Better

An old joke:
A woman comes across a man crawling under a street lamp. "I've lost my car keys," he explains.

The woman tries to help the man find his keys. After a few minutes of searching, she asks "Where exactly did you drop them?"

"Down the street, next to my car."

Puzzled, she asks "Then why aren't you looking over there?"

"The light is better here."

People often look where it seems easiest or most convenient to look, rather than in a more difficult place. Opinions regarding where the best place to look is often come down to WhereTheLightIsBetter. Some examples in the IT industry:

Having alternate ways to view something is not a bad thing. What is important is that the viewers not forget that they may no longer be looking at the same thing. Don't confuse expediency with efficacy.

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