Who Is Using Eclipse

  1. EricHodges, even though his employer bought a license for IntellijIdea and asked him to use that.
  2. JohnWebber -- somehow it reminds me of the 1966 VW Beetle I used to have. It has some quirks, and sometimes I curse with (at) it, but it generally gets me where I want to go.
  3. DavidCary -- when I started LearningJava, StevenNewton suggested it to me.
  4. BethanyAndresBeck -- I may be JustaStudent, but it makes my life easier.
  5. JonathanTang -- using it for Java, C/C++, and PHP now. Started writing a Dylan plugin, but gave up on that. Can't wait till a CommonLisp plugin comes out.
  6. BrianRobinson -- Unfortunately, currently using Rational's modified Eclipse 2.0 in the form of XDE at work, but I use the latest beta release at home for side projects.
  7. JacksonChu -- using WSAD, base on Eclipse 2.0. It's wonderful have power J2EE tools and got some plugins for it.
  8. JasonArhart -- I've been using it for Java at work since R1.0 and we've recently standardized on it. I also use it for Ruby at home.
  9. TimKing, to develop unit-sim (http://www.jtse.com/software/unit-sim).
  10. MattChaput, for Java development, but JayEdit for writing XmlDocument?s. Why is Eclipse so pathetic for XML out of the box? Why are plug-ins in Eclipse so painful compared to JayEdit? Sheesh.
  11. WilliamUnderwood -- who is amazed that he hasn't put himself on this list yet; I've been using this for 3, maybe 4 years, for java and more recently for scheme and other lispy languages.
  12. DaveVoorhis -- switched from NetBeans to Eclipse over a year ago; mainly for developing the RelProject. At work, we're putting Eclipse on the machines in the student labs.
  13. ChrisHines -- Using it for work (Java development) and also building an RCP app in my spare time.
  14. GeoffSobering -- IntellijIdea is the default IDE where I work now, and I really tried to learn it, but in the end I needed to get some work done and I fell back to what I've been using for a few years now - Eclipse...
  15. MatthewFarwell -- I've used 2.3, 3.1, MyEclipse?, Rational Functional Tester (based on 3.0) and WSAD (based on 2.3). Using it for Java. We had a license for JDeveloper, even used it but Eclipse blew it away.
  16. PaulBrowne -- using it for Enterprise Java, SQL / Oracle (with plugins) and PHP. Recommended to several client sites.
  17. IraCooper -- using it for Enterprise Java.
  18. IanOsgood -- for LearningJava and debugging OpenTaps?

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