Whom Do You Trust

The notion of trust can be extended beyond individuals obviously to other entities such as trusted algorithms and best practices - which are just trusted methods. Related to this idea of trust is the element of evidence that trust is warranted. How do you qualify something or someone as a TrustedEntity? -- RaySchneider

(It's always interesting to see how things change. This was originally named by me: "Who Do You Trust?" because that is how the question was originally posed. The English-usage fanatics apparently changed it which reminds me of Winston Churchill's remark, something like "That is something up with which I will not put." Ah well ... no harm done, I suppose. Trust is a cultural thing and in short supply these days.) --RaySchneider (July 5, 2008)

WellKnownSources - some may say

Based on Step2 of TheHeartOfChange

Trust is a key ingredient for teams to be able to work through big changes.

UserStory from California

If trust not exist, first task is to build trust. See story at http://www.cio.com/archive/120104/reform.html.

AmatterOfTrust : Secret of ToyotaProductionSystem (TPS)

It was said elsewhere that the reason Toyota is willing to skill transfer their ToyotaProductionSystem (TPS) is more than what's said in TheToyotaWay book.

Toyota is betting competitors cannot fully harness the power of TPS, due to ImpedanceMismatch between OrganizationCulture in the west, and the structural pillars of TheToyotaWay.

AmatterOfTrust consist of: Here, where WesternCivilization dominates, there is simply a lack of CulturalReadiness for the ToyotaProductionSystem. RelationshipManagement is often employed as a short-term tactic, and in the worst case, a smoke screen causing damage to future genuine trust building initiatives.
See also TrustButVerify

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