Why Firefox Is Blocked

WhyFirefoxIsBlocked is a web site which is angry because MozillaFirefox allows the AdBlockPlus add-on, which blocks advertising from web sites.

See http://www.whyfirefoxisblocked.com/

The Case (extracts from the web page)

Software that blocks all advertisement is an infringement of the rights of web site owners and developers. Numerous web sites exist in order to provide quality content in exchange for displaying ads. Accessing the content while blocking the ads, therefore would be no less than stealing.

There is some related comment at http://courseblog.cs.princeton.edu/spring05/cos491/?p=145

What is being argued is that it is unfair to create a derivative work by blocking out the advertisements.

The Reply

A brief look around on the MozillaFirefox site has found no comment from them.

There seems to be nothing either at the Adblock site http://adblock.mozdev.org/index.html though I think this is an old site as it does not refer to current versions of Firefox.

There are some links to comment at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1865 (HttpsLinksDontWorkOnWiki)

My reponse to this - to upgrade to AdBlockPlus -- JohnFletcher

I propose taking it further - AdUnBlockCommunities allowing communities to select which ads they see - moving the control from content provider to consumer, fostering consumer activism, and fund raising using adblock in the negative --JaysenNaidoo

The most appropriate response, assuming one can get through to them, is "This is not a Windows machine. There is no IE to run."

See also MozillaFirefox


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