Why People Use Bad Languages

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Any language could be considered bad. The most common ones that seem to be referred to as bad are MainstreamLanguages such as CobolLanguage, FortranLanguage, CeeLanguage, CeePlusPlus, and BasicLanguage. Sometimes people also call PerlLanguage and PythonLanguage pretty bad.

I suspect that the main reasons people use bad languages are either situation pressure, or it is the best of what they know and they don't want to learn better (or they disagree that better exists).

Don't discount that the "bad language" may simply be what they were taught and what they see everyone else using. To illustrate: you could also ask why do so many people speak EnglishLanguage?

Why does anyone use CeePlusPlus if it's so bad?

People use CeePlusPlus for a number of reasons:

Or is it not bad, in some way I don't understand?

Although I've rubbished CeePlusPlus here a couple of times (especially on AllPanaceasBecomePoison), I maintain a grudging affection for the language. Given the right team, I can build big systems fast in C++, applying all the ExtremeProgramming techniques without getting tripped in any particular way. Nothing about the language is a development showstopper; it just requires higher development discipline to do things right in C++ than to do things wrong.

-- PeterMerel

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