Why Refactor Wiki Pages


Purpose: To define Wiki page refactoring, enumerate acceptable refactorings, and discuss candidate refactorings.
If refactoring code means improving its structure without changing its apparent behavior, refactoring a Wiki page would mean making it easier to read without changing its meaning.

Forces: The lack of norms might be the biggest problem. I've been making changes to pages lately but I feel shy about doing it because I'm afraid that someone will be offended by my changes. It would be nice to have a list of changes that it was okay to make to a page so that those of us who are willing to do housekeeping will be comfortable doing it.

To that end allow me to propose the following game: I'll set up some sections below separated by horizontal lines and titled in bold. I'll make one for refactorings that seem to be okay and another for refactorings that are under consideration. I'll also create a section for each refactoring that is under consideration to be used for discussion. Here are the rules. Anyone can promote a candidate refactoring to acceptable by moving it to that section and creating a new page for it. This page should explain how to do the refactoring, why it was deemed acceptable and should also note any objections to it. This information should be extracted from the thread mode discussion but that discussion, including its attributions, should be discarded. Add a new refactoring by appending it to the candidate refactorings list and adding a new section for discussion at the bottom of this page.

If you don't like the rules you can change 'em.

Please see http://refactorwiki.sourceforge.net for a component which eases moving pages and their links in a wiki.
I am thick, as always. After reading this page I do not see the Why explained.

Anyway, I refactor pages of interest because it is a SharpenTheSaw exercise, it helps me to have a deeper connection to the topic on hand.

The why for refactoring can be very subtle. I have started out on a simple exercise of sorting out some confused backlinks and found that there are other pages which relate and that there is work to be done sorting out the related categories. -- JohnFletcher
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