Why So Many Cee Plus Plus Test Frameworks

There are a large number of C and C++ test frameworks, differing in slight ways. See ConsiderationsForAndComparisonOfCeePlusPlusTestFrameworks.

For CeePlusPlus: For CeeLanguage: There are many more if you GoogleSearch.

Why so many?

Why isn't one good enough, and be done with it?

Proliferation is not necessarily a bad thing. Different people have different needs. Having a bunch of packages that do the same thing is wasted effort, but the packages don't all do the same thing.

Some good reasons for different packages: If all the frameworks can be refactored down to one framework, without losing important features, then that would be a good thing. If it turns into an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink monstrosity, then I expect people to stay with the simpler frameworks.

You beat me to it - adding a list of reasons for the proliferation while I was out househunting.

Agreed: proliferation and diversity are not necessarily bad. Actually, I started out wanting to call this page ConsiderationsForAndComparisonOfCeePlusPlusTestFrameworks --- all I wanted to do was to compare their features, so I could decide which one I wanted to use. I thought that recording such a comparison might be useful - certainly, I would love to see one.

I've carried my own minimalist C, and then C++, test framework around since 1980. I've started to grow jealous of features I see in other test frameworks. I wanted to do some comparisons before I decided which to use.

I have modified a few of the items listed above.

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