Wiki As Group Mind Debate

I don't consider any online forum a GroupMind? for one major reason - the participants are not controlled by the GroupMind?, and many can even be lying to the GroupMind?. Insects, the main example of HiveMind or CollectiveIntelligence, are limited by the fact that the colony will enforce conformity with expulsion/death. --PeteHardie

Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen have a word. They say "Extelligence" to mean a physical manifestation of intelligenne - something that requires intelligence to make, and to interact with. A book, a puzzle, a computer. Intelligence and Extelligence, they claim, are locked together in a feedback loop.

Is wiki Extelligent? --EmlynShannon

Yes and No. The concept is, some of the content is and isn't. -- AnonymousOnPurpose

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