Wiki As Object For Open Source Teamwork

Quite a lot of ideas are hovering in this wiki that could be focused here. I could imagine a WikiWithProgrammableContent, growing to an open large-scale Web Wide Project with zillions of integrated special applications, distributed over a growing number of linked wikis:

An important step seems to be to make the textual and programmable content independent of the initial implementation. Although there are WikiFarms where each visitor can create his own wiki with a free chosen theme, these usually don't have the features yet that can be found in some highly specialized wikis. For example: free DHTML use, up/downloads, big enough pages for scripts.

-- FridemarPache

The ApacheSoftwareFoundation has a growing ApacheWiki for its community at We also have a quickly growing wiki for ApacheCon? (Nov 16-19, 2003) at

Also ProgrammingInWiki. -- PhilJones

Ambitious goals of the kind we need to think through as Wiki evolves.

Are the parts of Wiki which directly relate to ExtremeProgramming a kind of OpenSource effort to define a Methodology? That is to say, TheThreeExtremos act as integrators and version managers, and the XP Community as whole acting as OpenSource developers.

This would be interesting because it would imply another use for OpenSource, i.e. the ability to use OpenSource to define something as complex as a Methodology (as if Linux wasn't complex enough ;).

I've even heard of an effort to produce OpenSource legal arguments for a case regarding CopyRight. I can't recall where I heard about it though. If anyone has a link or reference to this, PleaseComment.

OpenLaw ( comes to mind.

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