Wiki As Programmers Notebook

I installed PyWiki on my laptop and I'm experimenting with using my Wiki as the ProgrammersNotebook. You can link things together, search etc. One problem is that you cannot doodle, like in a real notebook. -- RichieBielak

You should be able to do this; make a real hyperlink to your favorite drawing tool, or to a file managed by that tool. Or find/write a Java drawing applet and incorporate that into your Wiki engine. Hmmm... sounds like an interesting concept for something to incorporate into WikiWikiWeb or JWiki (see JavaWikiByRichardKeene)... -- DanHankins

I've added it to my set of SelfUserStories? for JWiki. -- DanHankins

TwikiClone has a Java drawing applet plug-in available, based upon HotDraw -- KrisJohnson

One big benefit of using a wiki as a notebook is that you can share it with others. It's nice when you jot down the description of some problem in the wiki, and a few minutes later someone says "Hey, I know how to fix that!" Or you can search other peoples' notes for similar issues. -- KrisJohnson

Another benefit of using a wiki as a programmer's notebook is InterWiki. You can link up your personal notebook with the company-wide wiki, or with the WikiWikiWeb itself.

I have used an installation of for this purpose. I use Visio and attach them "inline". It has a drawing plugin as well -- StanleyKnutson

My PowerBook runs an instance of SnipSnap for a notebook, and I'm looking to integrate my notebook and personal blog. Someday, I hope to figure out how to effectively host a shared "snip space" for all our developers, but I haven't figured out how to encourage sharing of knowledge while respecting territory (a ProgrammersNotebook is a very personal thing). -- HansGerwitz

We use pbwiki. We started with a LearnLog? for each member of the team and ProjectLog? for each project. It is still an experiment since the team is a set of interns. -- DoraiThodla

I use with Git for version control, so I can keep the wiki portable. -- DafyddCrosby?


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