Wiki Ascii Math Symbols

One of the problems of WardsWiki is that it's difficult to type many mathematical symbols. The software doesn't appear to support UniCode very well, many browsers might not have proper fonts installed, and they're a pain to type. (Though... given that this is a technical Wiki, perhaps some better MathematicalMarkup would be nice...)

Yes, it's annoying. However, RidiculousSimplicityGivesRidiculousResources.

One workaround is the use of graphics files - see OpenWikiGraphics.

I've been working on using ASCII to encode mathematical and logical thinking for a long time. I do have a simple UNIX tool for generating HTML that has a Greek letter in place of \alpha for instance.... but not the full \TeX thing. Perhaps I could donate some code to this Wiki? Try out MATHS at -- RichardBotting

Isn't this how FortranLanguage got started?

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