Wiki At Forty Thousand

Having passed the WikiAtThirtyThousand threshhold, with a steady rate of 9.8 pages per day, the next such plateau is WikiAtFortyThousand.


This page will chronicle the progress (or lack thereof) to that mark. To get a current page count (as of the moment): http:wiki?search=ThisAintApageNameNoSir and look at the number of pages searched.

Month end figures are being noted in ChangesInMonth.

Is there a corresponding pagecount for TheAdjunct? As pages are being moved to there, the combined total would give an indication of what is happening in both communities. -- JohnFletcher

Allows the construction of this Adjunct History:

Optimistic View Shared By Wikizens

Many who were participants when Wiki was at 30 Thousand are still around, and share an optimistic view that Wiki is alive and well. It has spawned hundreds of imitations, adaptations and clones and is the point of Genesis of a new wave whereby people may easily work together in collaboration. It stands as a fixture in the WikiCommunity, Steady, Dependable, Persistent and Continuing, thanks to the vision and dedication of its creator WardCunningham and the many people who have contributed to its success.

Successful Results By Teamwork

Successes are the result of vision and hard work. Ward, in creating Wiki, did not know what would happen and was pleasantly surprised at its success. There is no reason to believe that in the long run such ventures as this will produce consistent and steady results. With people coming and going, pages and the ideas they represent being constructed, modified, and perfected, this wiki can look forward to a long future. The wiki is sort of like a team sport, where members who see themselves as a community and/or team work together on the challenges of idea generation, incremental collaboration, and passing the information on to future users. They do this in a free for all exchange of hyperlinked documents. While some may see this place as a place "holding" knowledge, it is in reality a "changing river" which adapts and adopts knowledge as it flows. It may take many forms, and may follow patterns, methods and processes in its use such as ExtremeAndAgileProgramming? or as other useful abstractions which can and do lead to the formation of useful objects and processes.

Those have taken note of the passing of the 30000 page mark cannot help but be amazed at the continuing ability of wiki to attract those who have something more to contribute to its page base by providing innovative, clever and helpful information which is UsefulUsableUsed.

It is remarkable that an idea such as Wiki should from its beginnings succeed in constructing such a large number of pages while utilizing only a few rules. Rules which although stated are not mandatory. It employs anyone who wants to modify, delete, support, expand, contend, and otherwise change the shape and meaning of any of its pages.

Changes due to the Type Code Word editing system

Can we infer that the new editing system has had an impact on the rate of new pages, and are the above numbers statistically significant?

We have actually three possible answers to the above question: Yes, no, and ItDepends.

Yes: The dynamic and the environment has changed, and so will the change rate of new pages versus the pages eliminated by deletion, combination and transfer. When the wiki is restricted and not open 24x7, growth and change will be limited.

No: The factors which contribute to the rate of change of pages in this wiki are more complicated than that which can attribute cause of change to a single, or a few factors. The change in one causing rates moving in one direction may eventually and finally have a reverse effect. We can expect changes to occur for many reasons.

ItDepends: Growth (meaning the addition of new pages and effective and meaningful refactoring of old pages) is dependent on the infusion of new participants who are interested in the sharing of new pages on the continuing emphasis on programming, people and patterns. One can draw conclusions based on present participation that such interest has renewed and that forty thousand pages will be reached in the future. Because of continual change in participation and interest the short term the growth trend can reverse from time to time. WardsWiki remains, because of the persistence of meaningful, useful pages, a GoodThing. It can become an even BetterThing. It stands today, the Pioneer of what is becoming a predominant method by which individuals and corporations encourage the collaboration towards a goal. This takes place when there is a constituancy of participating members who are contributing and supplying encouragment and reinforcement to others who are like minded. GoalCentricity? and activity which promotes these goals through its participants.

Negative growth seen by some as a good thing

Gnoming 30000+ pages is exhausting. (See WikiIsTooBigToEdit.) As a gnome I'm happy to see that Wiki's growth rate beyond WikiAtThirtyThousand has been declining. Notice the reduction from 9.8 pages growth per day to 4.6 in the past 11 months or so. On the other hand I'm sad that GoogleHatesWiki since May 2005 (so does Yahoo). I cannot speculate how much the declining growth rate is due to Wiki's near absence from Google and Yahoo. -- ElizabethWiethoff (2005-11-28)

It appears as of 20080427, that Google loving or hating Wiki, does make a difference.
Contrast: LinesOfCode, WikiReductionist, RefactorFasterDeleteMore
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