Wiki At Thirty Five Thousand

Record of page count
 34930 pages 20110509 - 70 pages to go - ETA June 17, 2011
 34943 pages 20110519 - 57 pages to go - ETA July 03, 2011 at present rate of 9.1 pages a week
 34969 pages 20110606 - 31 pages to go - ETA July 01, 2011 at present rate

(In anticipation of the coming event - WikiAtThirtyFiveThousand )

2386 days after WikiAtThirtyThousand pages, we will have surpassed the 35,000 pages mark. During that period, a slow but steady rate of about 15 pages per week were created (net). During that period, we have seen the coming and going of hundreds if not thousands of participants.

Month end totals have been recorded for some time on ChangesInMonth.
36000 has been reached in September 2013.
We in fact have no idea how many people read these pages. I have been active here now for a long time and I always in my editing try to bear in mind the needs of readers who may be able to find information through the richness of links. I often gain new knowledge while doing that and I am grateful to those who have shared their thoughts in the past. -- JohnFletcher

Perhaps we should be asking ourselves if the pages already here have more or less value than they did when the C2 was at 20K, 25K, or however many pages. I find that the Category Rant pages remain as useful or useless as they were a half dozen years ago, but other categories (documentation, process, operating systems, etc.) continue to gain value. It should be the aim of all Wikizens to increase value, whether by reduction, addition, or editing. Is it not so? -- MartySchrader
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