Wiki Birthday

From March 25, 1995 to March 25, 2014: That's 19 years of WikiHistory, so WelcomeVisitors. The following are some ways you too can celebrate this year's WikiBirthday.

Birthday Cakes

Help us promote wikis!! See below and add your name and birthday wish, if you'd like, here:
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Email this message to your wiki friends:

Celebrate today as it is the 16th birthday of Wiki!!

An idea a few of us had was to encourage people to give their birthday wishes at the original wiki. We checked with active community members there and they thought it was a great idea too!

There is a facebook page linked off of their too - where Ward had this to say: "Best to anyone who ever made a wiki better. Thanks. -- Ward"

If so inclined -- please sign the page, tweet, facebook, write a weblog post or otherwise share this fine day!

Past wishes: Dear Ward, happy Birthday to your divine mindchild, now 14 years old -- FridemarPache

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