Wiki Comedy

I guess not, but you may have ideas of what you expected to find here, like the NewYorker cartoon about the DogOnTheInternet.

"SomeThing that has almost "changed my life". (almost)." -- SamDisanto

The title is: "On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're A Dog".

See also PeterMerel

Um, Merel's a loon, not a comedian. When he says something ridiculous, it's because he is ridiculous, not because he's being ridiculous. He never intends you to laugh. He intends you to take him seriously. Poor deluded fellow. If only he'd keep taking the pills.

Perhaps he's a dog?

Oh, horrors! An Off-Topic Page´┐Ż! Better call the deleters in here, quick! Hurry, before Wiki gets contaminated with too much mirth and joy! Can't have that!

A man was walking in the woods when he stumbled upon a chest of gold coins. He thought "this chest must belong to someone of great wealth" and decided to wait nearby in case the owner of the chest returned so he could rob him of the wealth. ( the joke been that the man could just take the coins and thus avoid the need for a length wait and the subsequent criminal act ). Taken from Molvania travel guide

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