Wiki Cpp

The installation instructions have migrated (mercifully) inside the source package.

Platforms are still EGCS or VC++, and any Web server that does CGI. Any deviations of my code from Standard C++ (plus CGICC) would interest me.

The client agent is any HTML browser. However, if you use InternetExplorer 4 or greater, you can edit the pages as rich text (WysiWyg style). Try it. I use it all the time at work. My colleagues' minds are blown. They think I have this Web site on my workstation that grows all the times and answers all their questions, and I can update it from anywhere.

Wiki++ uses pristine Standard ANSI/ISO C++, CGICC, and some cool libraries I'm working on whenever I can manage to get sacked.

This is an interesting concept.

Thanks. But going from a 1 dimensional to 2 dimensional interface increases the UI burden by an order of magnitude...

This project is generally abandoned. I'l turn over the keys to anyone with a SourceForge account and a Windows computer anywhere in their life. -- PhlIp

There is a version called Wiki++ at - minor modifications to make it easier to paste in C++ code.

Which burden was that? The programming burden? The processing burden? The UserInterface burden. The burden that one spend time tweaking the details via the UI instead of just authoring wiki content.

Neither is actually the case -- Nothing is quite so damaging to a good theory than an inconvenient fact...

Why is styling markup available in regular wikis? Presumably because it's considered a desirable feature. But there is a burden - remembering the syntax. This burden is removed in a good WysiWyg UserInterface.

See MsWiki, WysiwygWiki


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