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General Note: Several desirable features are often not available. Depending on how the page content is stored, these features can be provided by "packaged" external programs; for example, htDig to provide extended search capability. This section is intended to capture appropriate information.

Page content will be stored in one of five ways (I think):
  1. a large "hash" file? (dbm?)
  2. a large "text file" with a custom organization
  3. in another custom storage mechanism, perhaps intrinsic to the programming environment (like for Squeak Swikis?)
  4. small text files, one per page
  5. in a database with each page as a record (perhaps with additional information in the same record or in related records)

With at least the last two methods of storage, features not supported directly by the wiki might be obtained easily.

Working Well with Others


	    * (stable) 
	    * (farm and latest) 
	    * (fresh cvs code) 
	    * (rating and automatic recommendations)
	    * (many good themes)
	    * (good theme)

Originator / Author, Maintainer, Contributors


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