Wiki For Macintosh

I'd like to set up a WikiWiki served under WebStar on a PowerMac. Anybody done such a crazy thing?

It seems as if WikiWorks or some derivative would be useful, as long as I can get VisualWorks installed and happy (not a SmallTalk person, frankly). Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Oddly enough, it seems as if much of the basic WikiFunctionality can be handled through AppleScript. Anybody know of anything along those lines? --BillTozier

update a year later: ComSwiki is an excellent package, and highly recommended for anybody looking to host wiki-like things on a Mac running MacOs 9.x. The worst aspect is the editing rules are easier to remember than the ones here....

Both UseMod Wiki and PhpWiki work fine on MacOsx with a minimum of fuss. I've had worse luck with MoinMoin and TwikiClone, but that's probably more due to the nut behind the wheel than poor documentation or OS problems.
Several years later: PmWiki works like a charm on my OS-X macbook


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