Wiki Grows By Budding

It is an extremely funny thing that the CategoryEasternThought pages, which emphasize harmony and non-contention, are now the subject of a bunfight between the proprietors of the two most prominent child wikis. Before we are consumed with guffaws at the antics of these peculiar little men, however, it might be a good idea to talk about how c2, and WikiDom in general, are to harmoniously grow, interlink, and share content.

Several protocols seem to be floating abroad, with obvious and subtle benefits and flaws:

There are probably other options to consider too. In short, we have another TragedyOfTheCommons to avert. WikiPrimeDirective, anyone?

Could someone please explain the concept of "growth by budding". It sounds like an interesting subject, and maybe contains some insights for how to "prune" wikis as they grow. Or how to just smell the flowers.


Meta-Comment: "I removed the troll/flame/ballyhoo, but some of this should be relocated to WikiEmigration, and the whole mess there refactored. Yet another page to put on the to-do list."

See WikiEmigration.
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