Wiki Hot Spots

Often, interesting stuff gets pushed off RecentChanges.

Here is a place they used to place topics they wanted to keep alive or make sure that new (or infrequent) visitors would get a chance to see.

Irony: I just noticed this page, used to indicate hot pages, hasn't been edited in a year and a half.

Thanks for putting it back in RecentChanges. Let's have some fun here...

As of June 21, 2003, no one had edited this page for more than three years. Some of the hot spots listed below are quite cold. Back onto RecentChanges it goes... Here's another edit in August 2004 - after eight months of inactivity.

You can view the popular pages that don't yet exist at

Also take a look at TopTen.

It seems that WikiValuesHistoryNot?, despite the reverence for OldPages.

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