Wiki Implementations

In addition to the WikiWikiWeb, there are other ways wiki can be used than in the present form. The implementation of a wiki shapes decisions on what is the WikiEngine most appropriate for use.


Who May Edit the Wiki, (Participation Base) Allowing Free access, requiring log-in or other acknowledgements.

What is appropriate for inclusion (Data Base)

What media (Extension Base) (Local, Intranet, Internet, Wireless, etc)

Fixed or Programmable operations (Allowable Base)

Life of the Wiki (Persistence) Whether the Wiki is ongoing, or created for special purpose, project, or time. (As in:
  the creation of a wiki for a conference or seminar
  the creation of a wiki as a unifying communication base for a project
  the creation of a wiki to deal with a SpecificContent? Issue (SpecificContentPortal?)
  the creation of a wiki for other temporary purposes )

Size of the Wiki (Scale) What size the eventual Wiki will have, the management tools necessary, the residence of the server, and other size related factors.
See also: WikiWikiClone, PersonalWiki, WikiEngines

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