Wiki Is Not Your Blog

WardsWiki discusses a lot of different things - books, movies, software, politics, philosophy ... even Wiki itself. In general, however, if it's not something you'd like other people to edit, delete, modify, rephrase, and wail on, this ain't the place for it. In particular,

End Rant ;)

Could wiki be my blog?

Let's say I created an entirely new wiki site and added these properties:

That provides a bunch of blog-like functionality within the wiki framework. Posts/Comments could easily refer to Articles and vice versa. A possible scenario for the use of this would be:

But the community would ultimately decide what goes where.

To answer your question: A wiki could certainly be your blog. Go for it.

However, This Wiki is not your blog. ...

Hopefully, my edit has made my intent more clear.
(This particular wiki would make a terrible blog-space because it doesn't support HTML: images and the like tend to be important to many bloggers -- KachinaCrowe )
Blogs typically use a "top-down" publishing model, meaning that a small number of people create/manage content while the site users read and comment on the content. Wikis, on the other hand, have a "bottom-up" publishing model, where their site users also create and manage all of the content.

Wikis can be used in a blog-ish way (for lack of a better description), but ideally, you would want to find one that allows people to "comment" without allowing them to do other common wiki actions like edit other people's content or manage pages. -- TomPurl

See also AwikiOrAblog, WikiBlogComparison

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