Wiki Mania

WikiMania is the name of the WikiSym equivalent conference specific to WikiMedia, of WikiPedia fame.

The planning wiki for the 2006 Boston conference is at

People interested in WikiMania may also be interested in WikiSym and RecentChangesCamp.

An announcement for the Aug05 Frankfurt conference can be found at

ClayShirky has posted a notice about it at

Would it be lovely to have LarrySangerAndLessonsInCollaboration discussed there? :)

Anyone who attends please share info with us the under-privileged.

The AudioWerkstatt? in JuraWiki ( made a Podcast to Wikimania 2005 (, listen to - predominantly in German language, but with some interviews in English (RossMayfield about SocialText starting at 11:22 and WardCunningham starting at 17:20 - thank you Ross & Ward :-)

And I thought WikiMania was the state after being QuickChangesJunkie for too long.

... or is it the initial high that comes from the first 1000 hits of wiki? The feeling that QuickChangesJunkies are addicted to? :)


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