Wiki Mind

MarvinMinsky's "Society of Mind" theory presents the idea that a mind is built from many small processes, called agents, each mindless by itself.. According to Minsky, the interaction of these mental agents in societies, in analogy to human society, leads to true intelligence.

Abstracting from the fact that an agent doesn't need to be mindless, we have a working model for WikiMind. See: WhatIsAnAgent.

-- FridemarPache

Separation of two parts of the brain that were designed to work together?

One might also consider some of NiklasLuhmann's ideas concerning his system of index cards (Zettelkasten) here. He thought that one could "communicate" with it (after having put enough bits of information into it). What he says about his system holds even more of the wiki, as the information and the ideas put into it come from many WikiZens.

See ThingsOnWikisMind, CollectiveIntelligence, GlobalBrain, VoiceOfWiki, UniversalMind

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