Wiki Name In Real Life Syndrome

I may be the only person to suffer with this, but from time to time I have found my self writing key technical terms as WikiNames in documents. This came to a head when I found that I had hand written DentalAppointment in my diary. -- ChrisBrooking?

It's a meme. You've been infected. MeToo!!! -- JeffGrigg (...and I'm beginning to think that that's the correct way to write my name! ;-)

But isn't it heartening to note that more and more businesses use TradeMarks? written in the same way... before we know it all CompoundWords? in the OxfordEnglishDictionary will be written as WikiNames. -- GarethCronin

I actually find it useful that WikiNames become engraved... when it gets tough, thinking things like 'RefactorLowHangingFruit' are a godsend... -- ShaunSmith

If this keeps up, English will be an AgglutinativeLanguage like Turkish and Hungarian. DoublePlusUnGood! (in NewSpeak)

It would have helped my reading of Orwell's NineteenEightyFour if he had used the WikiName "NewSpeak" instead of "Newspeak". I mistakenly parsed the latter as "news speak", and spent most of the book wondering how the language was supposedly geared toward news. Using a WikiName would have made the mistake impossible. A rare case, true, but I would have appreciated it.

Another approach: WikiNames are CombinationsOfWords? which constitute a singular entity or concept. as in JeffGrigg is a separate and distinct individual, AnswerMe is a call for an explanation or an answer to a question, again singular. A DentalAppointment? is singular (a commitment of a block of time - both of the patient and the dentist). It is in fact closer to the way the mind conceives of things. When we see a tree that produces apples, the thought is AppleTree?.

It is a UsefulDevice? when used for WikiPageTitles? and for HyperLinks, so it should not seem strange that the usefulness of WikiNames should not carry into usage in RealLife. Perhaps InTheFuture? the usage of words like WikiNames will become so widespread that dictionaries will carry the meaning of words used singly and also those used as a conglomerate. In a sense, though this WikiIsNotaDictionary, a page in this wiki can become a definition of the meaning and usage of a WikiName.

I use WikiNames for more and more things in RealLife, thinking prophylactically, there might one day be a page for that issue in my or another's Wiki, so better too many than too few WikiNames. - As I am a German native speaker I am used to building CompoundWords? and use UpperCase? for every nominative, so I liked the WikiName convention right away. - My philosophy: The GermanLanguage should adopt from WikiNames the UpperCase? inside a word and the EnglishLanguage should adopt the CompoundWords?, as part of the process of an emerging WorldLanguage?. I imagine, in the future, everybody writing many issues as WikiNames, making them a standard. Yep! There is RealLifeInWikiNames?!

-- (orig) FlorianKonnertz, 11-28 -- (mod) DonaldNoyes.20080511.2017.m06

Generative grammar as practiced by linguists like JimMcCawley treats individual words (lexical items) as having the same "internal" structure as syntactic constituents such as noun phrases (WikiName) or verb phrases (RefactorLowHangingFruit). -- TomRossen

I just wrote a few e-mails in which I wanted to include table information. I immediately -- and without conscious realization of it -- wrote TWiki tables. In other words, I put

| Instead of this | Do this |

| Beating me over the head | Pat my head gently |

| Yelling at me | Talk to me calmly |

... and so on. -- JbRainsberger (was Talking In Wiki)

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