Wiki Nehesa

Wikinehesa is a WikiEngine written entirely in PythonLanguage. It is modular to keep down the wear and tear on the programmer or maintainer. It has many features, including text centering, header bars, images, an uploader exclusively for images to an all images directory. The editor has a popup images lister available on the editing page, which will display the names of all available images, and let you preview them in the popup page so as to not interfere with the editing page. The usual search features are present, and it will do searches for phrases as well as words. All pages include a footer link to the FrontPage. Header bars such as in MoinMoin are available, and you can center text lines, a feature I have not seen in other wikis. It allows links starting with http://, ftp://, news://, and mailto://. It eats < and > in the raw page, replacing them with &lt; and &gt; so you cannot type in hyperlinks of any sort and have them execute.

The site for it is:

The wiki is at:
You can email me at:

-- KirkBailey


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