Wiki Noise Pollution

WikiNoisePollution refers to the EXTERNALITIES mentioned in the GeoffBrownWikiExperiences. It was a true "exit-interview" of an individual whose name has been masked out out of respect for his privacy.

This page is created to discuss what turns new users off, and what can we do about it.

Too many Externalities

Externalities - Economist speak for behaviors whose cost is born by people not directly involved in a transaction -- like air and water pollution.

"Hand-wringing about" behavior and a few cases of ambush (snotty comments and deletes on pages marked only by IP addresses in the logs...) were cited by the original contributor.

Without drawing attention to individual participants, can we characterise different types of offensive behaviour, and ways we can manage our reactions to them?

WelcomeToWikiPleaseBePolite is probably the best we can offer in terms of responses to rudeness, whether in words, or actions. See more at CivilityPatterns

This page was created to discuss WikiCommunity approach to reduce "HowToAnnoyUsersType behavior".

hi! i'm a new user. i'm persistent and generally non-stupid unless green cordial is supplied. i am enjoying leeching information from this site, but i must say that the reason i am hanging around to leech, and not moving onto something broader or more to my creative side, is the people who have spoken to me. even though it seems they have spoken to me from 'different sides' of the 'fence', if you 'get' what i 'mean', they have been relaxed and encouraging me to participate in the community activity as much as i feel i want too. -- SusanRoy


aka Beverage Truth Debate

I did not know (nor interested) in the details of "Jon Stewart recently made a quip about Coke and Pepsi debating "beverage truth". " <from entry made by someone in MicrosoftSlave , but am concerned that we at times get religious in small things when there are larger challenges or threats facing the community as a whole. -- DavidLiu

See also BeyondWarAndCasualties MoreLightThanHeatGuideline


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