Wiki Prerequisites

What WikiPrerequisites are implicitly expected of WikiReaders?

The issue of what prerequisites should be assumed on this wiki came up on SelfStandingEvidence.

Technical prerequisites: This question echoes my thinking. Does the page address the artifact of computer and software or the wetware of appetite for exchange? -- BenTremblay

If we only assume those, then it would be expected that we explain to the readers what arrays and loops are. That is asking too much. Nor does the vast majority of existing wiki content fit the bill. As a starting point, I would suggest a general understanding of:

Discussion moved here:

Nobody complained about prerequisites until TopMind came along. Even the bureaucratic task of enumerating and debating prerequisites is exceedingly wasteful to be done just in order to provide ourselves justification against trolls who want to play HumptyDumpty basic concepts like syntax, language, math, science, and so on. The quasi-totality of contributors here recognize a common background related to programming and converse without problems, and where there are differences, which mostly happens about nuances, they are made explicit in the proper context.

Since you started accusing people of evil motives, I now get a turn. The state of the art is ugly, vague, and anti-scientific. You just can't stand it when somebody tries to clean it up because ArgumentFromAuthority and ArgumentByVote? is the only area where you feel comfortable. You guys risk being the Blue Angels (see CommonSenseIsAnIllusion). -- top


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