Wiki Sucks

It's over. Bot wars, legal threats and lack of new topics. Good-bye, cruel world, it's over... walk on by.

So why are you wasting your time reading this? (Doesn't really suck, does it?)

Surely the point is if you feel that way about wiki, do something about it. Start some new topics, avoid legal threats and stuff that bot wars get involved in and go back to HappyWiki?? where life is peaceful and utopian. There are over 28,000 pages out there; you're bound to find something good. Don't create new pages for the sake of creating (or delete for the same reason). Create something you truly think would be valuable and if it doesn't survive, admit you were wrong and go read something else. Same for deleting: if you delete something that re-appears, stop yourself from getting angry about that person's challenge of your judgment and appreciate that it's there because clearly someone else wants to read it. Then just leave it at that. Move on, then find something fun and enjoyable to read/write; wiki is a big place. -- SusannahWilliams?

I've found Wiki a lot more fun when I ignore all the EditWars. I never read WikiBlackList before the current bot war, I see no reason to obsess over it now. And other parties have quieted down lately, and some of the more recent contributions may actually be (*gasp*) productive. Lack of new topics, you've got a point, so why not post something and see how it grows? -- JonathanTang

WikiSucks time... like web and TV, but that's our choice how we waste our time anyway.

Hit counts from Google...

Adjusted in this case means someone actually looked at the results and counted unique occurrences of the intended phrase.

(wiki does well, considering)

I think the point of this page is to make you think twice about slagging off Wiki. It's like that old saying: "A bad workman blames his tools"

I have to call a DontComplainWithoutAlternatives on this. WikiWiki is vast and messy, but it is the best place on the web to study and explore a wide range of software engineering opinions and philosophy.

The alternative is to ask a simple question before each edit is posted. "what number comes after 5?", and "what letter comes after B"? This is better than a TuringImage?. It may be slightly annoying, but it is a compromise.

And before someone says that this can be defeated by a bot.. I mean ask more human style questions such as "Microsoft makes what popular operating system starting with W?". Once a person logs in they no longer have to type this annoying answer to questions. I know this defeats the idea of a wiki somewhat where it is extremely easy to edit.. but is this better than having infinitely impossible to finish solutions like bots running around repairing pages for us (while causing errors and mis deletions at the same time)? I think so.

Let's call it a he, since I'll fantasize that he's a basement-dwelling beta male. If that is the case, disable the cookie tool and let him fix the pages with his IP address (whether they be proxies or not). He's not doing serious harm as an IP address user, and I'd be more concerned about blocking spammers or more important vandals with the turing-like system. He is, however, doing harm when he spoofs cookies... because that is false identity. But if the cookie/username tool was taken away he wouldn't be doing so much harm. Also, will he refrain from posting a picture of himself online please? No woman wants to see that.

Here ya go (-:

See also: ThisWikiHasIssues, WikiWikiBugs

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