Wiki Un Friendly Name

A moniker that does not suit the Wiki convention of linking words in CamelCase. Terms may fall into this category if they are:

The SingleWordProblem? is usually solved through creative naming. One particular idiom is appending "Language" to pages which refer to programming languages. Python and Ruby become PythonLanguage and RubyLanguage. Likewise for other classifiers; e.g. WindowsOperatingSystems, LinuxOs, etc.

The number problem is easily avoided by spelling the number out in full.

The enterprising Wiki readership have circumnavigated the last point with the invention of the WikiAlphabet. However, other methods exist; either lowercasing the following word, as in CsharpLanguage, or the "short" word itself. The WikiWord IdontHaveaProblem?, which might not exist on this wiki, illustrates both techniques.

The convention of starting reverse-index Category pages (see CategoryCategory) may lead to non-category pages being mistaken for such because the name begins with 'Category'.

See SearchEngineResistant names, ProgrammingLanguageNamingPatterns

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