Wiki Vandalism Solutions

There have been some proposals for dealing with WikiVandals. Let's collect them here for comparison. See also

We haven't yet come up with a list of requirements for a successful vandalism solution. Here is a first pass: (see WikiVandalismAnalysis for more) Note that spam and vandalism have very different motivations, although they are similar in outcome. A well-crafted solution is needed for each problem, but discussion is likely to be more productive if we don't confuse the issues. WikiSpamSolutions should be addressed on that page, not here.

Most proposals either attempt to make trolls want to leave on their own, or to forcefully remove them.

Ideas to make trolls want to leave on their own: Ideas to forcefully remove trolls: Partial solutions and specific technologies: Proposed solutions: (these are intended to meet all of the requirements.) Note that the grouping above is pretty arbitrary and may not make any sense at all. We should come up with a better way to organize this page. Also, these proposals and ideas have lots of dependencies on each other. I've pointed out a couple using "(implies x)" syntax, but there are many more to add.

Direct any ThreadMode content to WikiVandalismDiscussion.

Related pages: SoftSecurity, TrollDefinition, TrollColoredGlasses, TrollFlag, TrollPatternFixes, AlternativesToWiki, WikiVandalismAnalysis, WikiSpamSolutions, WikiDesignPrinciples

There are many other proposals discussed on MeatballWiki under HardSecurity.


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