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-- My Kirk -- I wonder how WikiWikiWeb handle accented characters:

I can type in them directly, like "m�l, Emoticon" (e-mail, smiley), "�� n'�x�st� p�s �n fr�n���s !", but I doubt it will display correctly on Unix systems (perhaps OK on a Mac). I type this on a Windows (Ansi char. set) system, it is ISO 8859-1 character set.

Perhaps HTML entities are correctly handled: É -- obviously not!

I wonder if I can limit the number of characters allowed in this text?

And how about [[Links]]?hello

 Hey, this is no MediaWiki WikiEngine, therefore not [[]] but CamelCase. M.


So, this is a sandbox. How does a cat use it? Regularly.

Is there a SandBox too?

Any strikeouts? _text_ _Text_ -text- --text-- __text__ ~text~ =text= |text| ||text|| ==text== ~~text~~

Will this text reset?

Good morning! I hope you have a glorious day!

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