Wiki Writers Dont Get Paid

Of course they do. They just don't get paid money. They get paid in attention, which is becoming a far more valuable resource than money as the economy transitions to an AttentionEconomy.

Well, they might indirectly be paid money. I personally can think of at least four books (my own two, Martin Fowler's RefactoringBook, and the AntiPatternsBook) that took at least some part of their content from discussions on Wiki...

Wiki is a good place to sound out ideas before committing them to print since you know that if they turn out to be stupid you can always delete any record of their having ever existed ...

-- KyleBrown

If I recall correctly, ExtremeProgrammingInstalled was hashed out on the WikiWeb before seeing print. -- IainLowe

Don't forget TheWikiWay! -- AnonymousDonor

I could easily imagine an IntranetWiki? living inside a company where people do indeed get paid to work and the Wiki is one of their working tools. -- EdwardVielmetti

Me too. My company is going to be one of them. -- sg

My company -- the University of Sydney -- is already one of them. --JasonGrossman

For further discussion along this line see ProjectWiki and TeamWiki. Several companies use Wiki-like systems as repositories of lore that would otherwise be retained only via oral tradition, or as collaborative environments for project development.

Ecommerce aware WikiZens might like a wikified version of IdeaExchange. -- FridemarPache

Or not. Certainly, intelligent and knowledgeable wikizens will never, ever expect an intellectual endeavour to flourish when it is restricted at ever turn by money. And then there's the fact that micropayments will never, ever work.

Too bad they don't get paid, because some need to be fired :-)

Can't agree more.

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