Will Rel Ever Have External Relvars

Waiting for external relvar support in RelProject since 2008... will it ever become true? or is it just too hard a problem to be solved in the near future (in other words, its something better left for much later) or is it just not a priority?

I'd love to see it happen, and finally be able to use Rel as something more than just a nice interactive toy...

It's a priority, but not a high priority. It's actually trivial to implement (with certain usually-acceptable constraints), but since Rel is primarily used as a teaching tool and a working model of TheThirdManifesto principles, development necessarily focuses heavily on those areas. The code for external relvars is still disassembled on my workbench.

Of course, the RelProject is OpenSource, so if you're interested in external RelVars you should download the source and implement them! I'd be happy to provide advice, suggestions and guidance. Also, I'm giving a talk on the subject of external relvars in Rel at a workshop in Newcastle, UK in early June 2011, so I'll definitely have a working implementation before then. -- DaveVoorhis

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