Will Rel Ever Have Jdbc Driver

Waiting for a JDBC driver to connect to Rel since 2008... will it ever become true? or is it just too hard a problem to be solved in the near future (in other words, its something better left for much later) or is it just not a priority?

I'd love to see it happen, and finally be able to use Rel as something more than just a nice interactive toy...

It's a priority, but not a high priority. It's actually trivial to implement (with certain usually-acceptable constraints), but since Rel is primarily used as a teaching tool and a working model of TheThirdManifesto principles, development necessarily focuses heavily on those areas. The code for a JDBC driver is still disassembled on my workbench.

Of course, the RelProject is OpenSource, so if you're interested in a JDBC driver you should download the source and implement it! I'd be happy to provide advice, suggestions and guidance. -- DaveVoorhis

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