Willem Van Den Ende

I am a SoftwareDevelopmentCoach? introducing ExtremeProgramming and applying AgilePrinciples. I prefer to coach by being JustaProgrammer PairProgramming with TestFirstDesign with my teammates or facilitating workshops with games. I am an independent consultant operating from my own company Living Software B.V.

I am interested in, amongst other things, ExtremeProgramming, DesignPatterns and TheToyotaWay. Some of my favorite authors are KentBeck, GeraldWeinberg and ChristopherAlexander.

When I started out as a consultant, I found the work of DavidMaister illuminating. I'm not so sure any more about that. What remained was SecretsOfConsulting, FlawlessConsulting? , some SolutionSelling?.

Playing games to learn and share experience is fun. For instance the XpGame by VeraPeeters? and PascalVanCauwenberghe?, GameOfGoose? by NynkeFokma? and games from the SystemsThinkingPlaybook? .

One of my favorite Extreme activities is to ReFactor, especially when using a RefactoringBrowser or similar tools. Refactoring results in SimplyUnderstoodCode.

If you would like to meet me or other extreme programmers in the Netherlands or Flanders, visit the wiki at http://www.xp-nl.org (in dutch), the official wiki of the DutchXpCommunity.

Favourite languages: RubyLanguage and SqueakSmalltalk also ran: PythonLanguage, JavaLanguage, PerlLanguage. Finally after several years of practice more and more people are starting to see the limitations of the overly complex J2EE :-)

TestDrivenDevelopment gets me 100% CodeCoverage. Build, install/checkout and monitor scripts are in RubyLanguage these days. Using Ant for this was way too complicated.

My contact information is at http://www.WillemVanDenEnde.com . I keep a blog these days: http://ruminations.willemvandenende.com

-- Willem van den Ende

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