Win Doze

WinDoze - a generally derogatory term in reference to MicrosoftWindows (tm).

Such usage is often an instance of DriveBySlander.

I've heard this term used in the context of MicrosoftWindows taking long periods of time (minutes) to complete simple, common tasks (usually because of arbitrarily long timeouts in the code). The implication is that the MicrosoftWindows OperatingSystem (certainly a stretch to call it that) has decided to take a nap and leave the user hanging.

Another implication is that if you're using MicrosoftWindows, you must not be fully awake to the fact that there are far better choices in operating systems available, for example, MacOsx for starters. i.e. 'WindozeUser?'.


Natch... Linux is still lagging in the driver area tho. WinDoze because... to accomplish anything it throws a whole carpentry shop at all the different little problems. A simple tailored solution is almost always WAY faster than having WinDoze try to do the operation for you. Geesh, protect the user? BS! What about enabling OS engineers to use the dang thing (computer) the way NATURE intended? For example, consider spot welding or soldering a razor blade on a compass... Surely a sweet circle cutter. Can't compare with a rough jigsaw. (Power, tho, uh-huh. la Home Improvement ;) Need I mention convicted monopolizer who will intentionally slow your machine down to waste your time? Yup, seen it - done that work around... (where the thing can be told to "Shut up, I'll do it.") Enter the whole DirectX farce. Silly f*cks! Describe the low level access to the hardware and politely get the 'F' out the way. -- GeraldLindsly

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