Word Person

We're all "wired" differently, and some of us are better described as a WordPerson, as opposed to a PicturePerson. I guess that's one reason I prefer a CommandLineInterface ("CLI") to a GraphicalUserInterface ("GUI"). - BillZimmerly

I'm also a WordPerson, and also prefer a CommandLineInterface. For me, it is much much easier to use than a GraphicalUserInterface. But I know most computer users don't feel that way.--ApoorvaMuralidhara

I think, that word versus picture is a BifurcationFallacy. Firstly you can be arbitrarily in between. And secondly you can be a RhythmPerson? or a StructurePerson? or a RelationshipPerson? or a MotoricalPerson?, depending on which MentalModule? of your mind is the strongest resp. most trained. (See also HowTheMindWorks) --GunnarZarncke (a StructurePerson?)

See also InTheBeginningWasTheCommandLine

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