World Of Wikis

This page is intended to provide an entry point for anyone introduced to Wiki by the work on

WikiInTheWorkplace from the CooperativeWorkWorkGroup

Feel free to just use this list as a "jumping off point" - or, contribute - learn how at StartingPoints.

The first few times you work with a Wiki you'll probably want the TextFormattingRules and a link to the WikiWikiSandbox to try them out.

The following categories of Wiki are created to be filled in - please add links, as appropriate:

The Concept:

Workplace Wikis:

Edu Wikis:

Wide World of Wikis:

A Wiki of Your Own:

The Wiki Book:

WaysToGetAroundWiki discusses ways people have found to navigate Wiki space - contributions might include:

- How to keep current on Wiki topics of Interest

- How basic Wiki functions operate in different implementations of the idea

see also Public Wikis at PublicWikiForums and

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