Worry Driven Development

WorryDrivenDevelopment is an example of MethodologyByAnxiety?. It is also one of the most well-developed FragileProcesses, being employed at many large corporations, governments, and other institutions.

The initial practices within WorryDrivenDevelopment include, but are not limited to: At no time are you supposed to actually accomplish any real work. The primary goal is EffectiveWorrying, a state of enlightened inactivity. --JasonNocks
WorryDrivenDevelopment is an AntiPattern at the Process level.
Please do not read CynicalRelease, or StressHasSolutions. These WikiPages completely undermine WorryDrivenDevelopment.
WorryDrivenDevelopment happens in dysfunctional companies whose staff may be in denial. Most don't realize that anything's wrong; it's just the way things are done here; it's no better or worse than the alternatives; it's just different. This party line is toted by a unanimous management.

The enlightened on the other hand say, "Yes, that's unacceptable, but you just have to deal with it." One may even hear old-timers joking, "Look what this company did to me!" (Everyone laughs.) The brave soul who attempts to EmbraceChange is told he's wrong. (After all, that's not the way things are done here.)

See also WhyDoYouPermitThisToBeDoneToYou.
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