Writers Workshop Patterns

Here is a small PatternLanguage of writer's workshop patterns. A given workshop may follow some or all of these, and potentially more, depending on the setting and needs.

See the WritersWorkshopPatternLanguageOverview.

The patterns themselves are: These might be patterns, but for now, I'll just leave them as loosely defined "concepts": And this is probably a full pattern language in itself: and it would likely include the pattern ActiveListeningModeration?.

Thanks to RalphJohnson for feedback on these patterns. --JimCoplien
For advice in preparing your writing for a workshop, consider RichardGabriel's WritingBroadside.

-- DaveSmith (9/3/96)

The phrase SuggestionsForImprovement is good, but not yet as good as it can be. You can sharpen the quality of the experience and the ability of the speakers if you RaiseThePapersPotential, as I learned this last PLOP

--- AlistairCockburn

Can this be used as a 'coding workshop'? It seems to me that modern advice for doing code reviews/inspections focuses entirely on correctness and all but forbids looking at style. Which, to me, robs the process of its learning content. And, with a number of young programmers on my team, I'm looking for a learning tool. -- HowardFear

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