Xml Name Space

XmlNameSpace is the use of NameSpaces in XmlDocuments?. An example where people add complexities to ExtensibleMarkupLanguage unnecessarily.

Take for example two ReallySimpleSyndication (RSS) feeds. The first one has no namespace. An XmlNewbie? like me was able to read nodes from this document, using Microsoft DocumentObjectModel (DOM invoked in VbClassic referencing MSXML4.0) without problems.

Not true with the second feed. I looked everywhere and came up with the following code
 xmlDoc.setProperty "SelectionNamespaces?", strNS
Hours later and my selectSingleNode method still not working.

Some posts and sites suggest use of Xpath, XSLT, etc. Still I do not have working VbClassic code to parse this document.

I am waiting for a compassionate WikiZen to show me the VbClassic code to help me parse the second xml entry. Thanks. And by the way, tags like PleaseComment and AnswerMe do not seem to be used much, so don't bother with that suggestion.

Thanks for your attention and interest, and maybe help too.

After writing the above paragraphs, I came across this MS article "How to Specify Namespace when Querying the DOM with XPath" at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;294797

It is starting to look like this -> Use of XPATH is manadatory for XML documents with namespaces
More Namespace stuff for ExtensibleMarkupLanguage

I manage to find complexities where I wanted solutions to my simple problem.

The banner I had over my desk read "If you look to see how the system works you will likely discover that it doesn't". I was doing avionics R&D tech_docs at the time. --BenTremblay

More confusion

ResourceDirectoryDescriptionLanguage (RDDL) is said to be invented for purposes of resolving the XmlNameSpace access issue. After reading WikiPedia on RDDL and Uniform_Resource_Identifier#Relation_to_XML_namespaces I get a larger dose of confusion.

Relief for NameSpace confusion


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