Xml Rpc

RemoteProcedureCalling using the HyperTextTransferProtocol as the transport and the ExtensibleMarkupLanguage as the encoding. XML-RPC is designed to be as simple as possible, while allowing complex data structures to be transmitted, processed and returned.
-- From http://www.xmlrpc.org

DaveWiner, the creator of the protocol, complained about people that called it XML RPC, and not XML-RPC. Now some people call it XML-TPC.

Contrast with: SimpleObjectAccessProtocol

or, to spin it the other way:

For more:
XmlRpc Implementation on Various Platforms

"XML-RPC was a "pre-release" of SOAP because DaveWiner got tired of waiting for MSFT to allow their folks to sign-off on SOAP" Above sourced from XML RPC http://mail.python.org/pipermail/xml-sig/2003-March/009227.html

Also it was claimed SOAP 1.2 is much worse than SOAP 1.1 due to the TooManyCooksPattern?.

As a cook on SOAP/1.1 and barely on 1.2, I can say with some authority that SOAP/1.2 has way fewer errors and ambiguities than 1.1. Moreover, SOAP/1.2 took several of the "dumber" features we put into SOAP/1.1 and annexed them out and/or radically simplified them. --DonBox

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See also: FormEncodingOverHttp

Yeah, I think XML-RPC is cool. Simpler than SOAP but unfortunately not as popular. I am building a distributed software framework where I plan on selling an "XML Integration" product that includes both SOAP and XML-RPC adapters. In essence, each node runs a lightweight web server that uses a thread pool to serve requests. Multiple forms of internode communication can occur simultaneously. XML-RPC and SOAP are nifty ways to do that. I'm hip on (and agree with) all the points made above. --PhilipEskelin

XML-RPC is cool when you control both sides of the wire and want to do rpc simply and easily. It doesn't support x-language runtime 'discovery' of interfaces and so doesn't have the complex typing baggage required to provide this (compare to soap/xmlschema/wsdl/uddi). - PhilDawes

I like XML-RPC for teaching the basics of distributed computing. The easy learning curve allows a quick creation of simple applications. - Marc Conrad (see the perisic link in the link list)

So, does anyone know of any XmlRpcWikiProtocol? project? I mean, you get XmlRpc apis for blogging so why not for wikis? -- MilkMiruku

Q Two questions from an IwannaLearnWebServices beginner -- dl
 1 - Any net resources and links and forums for persons wanting to do XmlRpc for VbClassic or VbDotNet?
 2 - Statement made in XmlRpcVsCobra? which implied XmlRpc unsuited for nontext streams. PleaseComment
 3 - How is XmlRpc compared to the new Microsoft "RPC over HTTP" which seems to be associated with Exchange?



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