Xp Adopters Group Switzerland

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Events are again every first friday 18:30 at ReithalleZuerich

XP Practicing group - any interest?

based on the idea I got by reading Jim Weirich (http://onestepback.org/index.cgi/Tech/Ruby/XpCincyAndRuby.rdoc), is there anyone interested in doing something similar in Zurich (or Switzerland in general)? More info: http://blog.invisible.ch/archives/000366.html


Meeting in Lucerne

On Thursday the 19th of February (schmotzige Donnschtig) - combined XP and culture meeting. The culture part will be Luzerner Fasnacht. We'll have to see how much room that leaves for XP...


We'll meet at 18:30 at the train station in lucerne.

I'll join: It was a very nice event, we hat lots of fun and some alcohol (against the cold...). - Thanks to JeromeMueller.

Meeting: Friday 9. January 2004

Somebody around to join me? Hey Will: ready for organizing your Ski-Weekend...

I'll join:
Last Meeting: Friday 5. December

A bit of a social evening, but we did make contact with a customer!





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