Xp As Religion

For entertainment only, no offense intended.

Let's see what we can figure out about the UnstatedXpCreed? from the sacred principles:

OnceAndOnlyOnce: XP is monotheist and denies reincarnation or an afterlife.

TestFirst: First comes the judgement, but then you get it over with and can enjoy the rest of your life.

YouArentGonnaNeedIt: XP advocates an austere, simple life.

PairProgramming, PairPromiscuously: XP enthusiastically supports close interpersonal relationships, no more need be said on a family-oriented web site.

RefactorMercilessly: XP promotes a lifestyle of continuous reflection and self-improvement.

XP does not object to material success, as it is very compatible with an object-oriented life, but it does not mandate striving after secular achievement.

XP already has a creed: EmbraceChange. -- MikeSmith

Contrast: XpIsaCult

Interesting use of faith/religious terminology. I've never seen a testimonial for GotoConsideredHarmful.




The anti-ExtremeProgramming zealots accuse us of this stance, and some of our own testimonials ring of "witnessing".

Religion only deals with that which must be taken on faith. Anything proven falls over the wall to science (or just gets fought over as a "loyalty test").

Anyone who takes XP on faith should not pitch it. XP works best when fully understood.

XP is a simple mathematical principle - the DynamicAttractor - tuned to attract good code out of thin air. This field is well-studied (especially in terms of evolution) so evolving good code could hardly be seen as divine. -- PhlIp

This is amusing! As the one who just added the "In my experience..." paragraph to PairNonBelieversWithBelievers I did react to the word "believers", but I just went with the terminology on the page. -- AndersBengtsson

Am I an anti-XP zealot, or merely an anti-(XP zealot)? I accuse many of taking XP too seriously. -- SunirShah

Many of us accuse others of taking SunirShah too seriously.

My mother doesn't take me seriously, so why should you? She's waiting for this crazy "playing with computers" thing to wear off. -- ss

I dunno about SS specifically, but - yes - some skeptics are zealots. -- PhlIp

Some believers are zealots. Zealotry is orthogonal to the side you are on. The honest answer is pragmatic belief.

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