Xp Dublin Mobile

An update is in order since the contribution in November last year.

The team has expanded to 10-ish (11 really, but we almost never have them all here at the same time). We are now in iteration 16, having shortened to two-week iterations at some point.

Good News:

We're doing pretty well on most of the practices like ContinuousIntegration, ShortCycles? and CollectiveOwnership. PairProgramming is popular with most: there is a general feeling that we are not doing enough of it, but the amount of pairing has been rising gradually over the last few months, to a level where I would estimate that 65 - 75 % of the tasks are largely pair-programmed.

Bad News:

Lack of a customer proper - we've got away with this to some extent because our components are very dependent on work done by other teams, so we have internal customers in the other developers. Prioritisation decisions have been delegated upward reasonably successfully.

We aren't aggressive enough in our refactoring and this has had an effect on productivity as the code base has grown. This problem has now been identified and we expect to actively plan some refactorings at iteration start to improve matters.

-- EoinCavanagh

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