Xp Fg Code Sprint

We're going to have another Code Sprint. And we may even have them monthly, if we do it right.

The next Code Sprint will be at FreeGeek, on Wednesday, May 25th, and Thursday, May 26th, beginning around 6:30 pm and lasting until people go home, dawn, or the food runs out. If you want to propose projects, or check for updated info, look at the wiki page at:

FreeGeek is at 1731 SE 10th Ave, about 3 blocks south of Hawthorne.

If you know driving directions, feel free to write them in here.

Diskless terminals logging in to a box with software installed will be available to lower the number of IT hassles required to get going. If you have particular software you wish installed, please let me know. This will be a language neutral Sprint, so remember: language wars can only be settled by tree-climbing contests at midnight, not by words.


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