Xp Fixed Planning Game

Your organization is bidding for a large contract with a traditionalist organization. You intend to go XP, and they're happy with that, but they're adamant about traditional scheduling artifacts in the contract: fixed timeframes, fixed resources, and fixed scope. Oh oh, the XP PlanningGame only does FixTimeVaryScope or FixScopeVaryTime ...

Worse still, the traditionalists don't want to negotiate a contract in UserStories because negotiating UserStory granularity will take too long up front on a large project, and besides they want to build in enough room for the usual XP PlanningGame as the project goes along.


Negotiate the contract in BusinessStories and ProjectCycles up front. Fix the binding of BusinessStories to ProjectCycles according to GenericityFirst and let the traditionalists adjust this with their perception of WorstThingsFirst. Then, as each ProjectCycle occurs, negotiate it by FixTimeVaryScope: elicit sufficient UserStories to fit inside each scheduled BusinessStory's time & scope, arrange them by the usual PlanningGame negotiation, and deliver only on those that fit. If the resultant scope of BusinessStory in the fixed schedule needs renegotiating, use whatever renegotiation processes are specified by the contract.
Would it be possible to suck a few of the small, closely-coupled other pages into this one, at least for the time being? This page could potentially be very useful, but I feel like in its present form it can be too difficult for a reader to get an overall sense of what's going. (I know it's difficult for me, at least.) -- FrancisHwang

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