Xp Frame

The ProblemFrame to which your problem should be a good fit in order for the XpPractices? to be a good solution for you.

Describe it here:
Hmm, I have serious doubts whether the idea of an XpFrame is valid; it seems to be based on a misunderstanding of either ExtremeProgramming or ProblemFrames, or both. A ProblemFrame relates more closely to SystemMetaphor, and I would assume that there is more than one SystemMetaphor (eg it would seem there are at least EightSystemMetaphors) which suggests there cannot be one XpFrame! The idea of an XpFrame suggests that XP can address only a very small class of problems, and that standard frames such as the JspFrame are excluded. In truth, many systems are better viewed as MultiFrameProblems. -- KevlinHenney

I agree that a ProblemFrame is more like a SystemMetaphor. This sounds more like requirements. -- RobertDiFalco

Excellent! Thanks Kevlin (didn't I attend one of your excellent C++ CORBA courses a couple of years ago?) and Robert. I think you're right, there isn't an XP frame. This realization came to me not long after starting this and the other Jackson-related pages. It's the idea of a ProblemFrame that I'd misunderstood, I think. Anyway, its great to see your comments here since 1) I ReserveTheRightToBeWrong, and 2) maybe there'll be more discussion of ProblemFrames on Wiki now. -- KeithBraithwaite

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